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    CPPA is recognized nationally for integrating social equity into our academic and practical work.

Welcome to the Center for Public Policy and Administration

The Center for Public Policy and Administration is the hub of interdisciplinary public policy research, teaching and engagement at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Our faculty teach and conduct rigorous research to realize social change and solve problems for the common good. Our classes are small, and the impact we have on our students and on the outside world is big.


CPPA Panel to Explore Speech Freedoms in Wake of Charlie Hebdo Attacks

CPPA hosts “Charlie Hebdo Attacks: Is Your Free Speech My Hate Speech?” on Friday April 17. This panel will examine perceptions from contemporary non-Western Muslim-majority venues of the line between free speech and hate speech.

Global Fieldwork Shows Students Policy Constraints and Possibilities

Four CPPA students spent their spring break conducting field research in Nepal and Thailand for an international environmental conservation project. One realization filled their minds: Creating, implementing and enforcing effective and lasting policies is complicated. Very complicated.

Client-Based Capstones Give Students Real-World Experience

This spring three groups of Master of Public Policy students are working with local organizations to conduct research that could help strengthen their services in the community.