Research Initiatives: Overview

Five main research initiatives define CPPA's mission and provide students with specific points of interest.

  • Care, Work and Family Policy: Child care, elder care, foster care and health care comprise important components of state budgets and require increasing attention. CPPA faculty conduct research in this critical policy area, and CPPA graduates are national leaders in research, advocacy and governmental efforts to improve care for individuals and families.
  • Environmental Policy: Smart and effective public policies are critical for responding to current and future environmental problems. CPPA faculty from multiple disciplines examine causes and consequences of global environmental change and explore sustainable policy solutions.
  • Governance: CPPA faculty have expertise in two important subfields: e-government (IT use by government agencies to enhance citizen access, transparency and efficiency) and collaborative governance (using multi-national organizational arrangements to tackle problems that cannot easily be solved by single organizations).
  • Science, Technology and Society: This initiative promotes multidisciplinary collaborative research among the natural, physical and social sciences, engineering and public policy.
  • Social Inequity and Justice: CPPA faculty are nationally recognized for their research, teaching and outreach on issues related to social welfare, justice and inequality.

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